Antireflux Surgery in a Complete Situs Inversus Patient

Situs inversus Toupet fundoplication. Antireflux surgery in a patient with symptomatic GERD, hiatal hernia, oesophageal hypomotility and complete situs inversus. The great challenge for this type of anatomy is the correct identification of the structures. A double check is more than advisable. You can watch the video here:

Conversion Nissen Fundoplication to Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass

History of Nissen fundoplication by laparoscopy perfomed 11 years ago with failure and valve reconstruction by laparotomy with a hiatal mesh. Reintervention by laparotomy 5 years ago for incisional hernia. GERD reccurence. I decided to perform a conversion in RYGB due to the failure of the valve but also the important BMI. You can check … Continue reading Conversion Nissen Fundoplication to Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass

-Peptic perforation of the fourth portion of the duodenum- Case report , Sorin Cimpean and Damien Duprez, 2015, OMICS publication - SYMPTOMATIC EPIGASTRIC HERNIA TREATMENT TO APREGNANT PATIENT IN THE SECOND TRIMESTER - A NECESSARY RISK? Gloire à Dieu Byabene, Sorin Cimpean, David Lipski, Marechal Marie Thérèse, Benjamin Cadiere, Mattia Bez, Ariana Grilli, Guy-Bernard Cadiere, … Continue reading